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Fatal cycle: the rising toll of rider deaths

Cyclist deaths have risen by nearly 50 per cent since the introduction of road laws aimed at increasing their safety. Morry Bailes questions what’s gone wrong. It is not just greater publicity that has contributed to the seeming rise in cycling deaths, it’s real. The statistics make for grim reading. South Australia...

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Why WA Public Servants should insist on the execution of search warrants rather than giving occupier's consent

When police execute search warrants, it is common practice for occupier's consent to be sought in lieu of executing the warrant. The practice of seeking and obtaining occupier's consent is permitted and indeed endorsed by section 30 of the Criminal Investigation Act 2006 (CIA). If an occupier does provide their consent, then...

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InDaily: Hard targets needed to end the disgrace of indigenous incarceration

The incarceration rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples represent a national crisis, but what can government do to start fixing the problem? asks TGB managing partner Morry Bailes in his latest column for InDaily – SA’s largest source of independent news. Read the full column here.

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