Asbestos Disease

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If you are ill or suffer any disability as a result of exposure to asbestos you may be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation payable depends on your personal circumstances. We can assist you in ensuring that the responsible company pays compensation to you.

Our experienced team will be able to advise you of your rights and entitlements. If you are too ill to visit our offices we will come to you.

Your compensation claim includes an allowance for pain and suffering, lost income, medical expenses, loss of expectation of life, domestic assistance and some other aspects. It may be that your family members have an entitlement to compensation as well.

Types of dust diseases

Exposure to asbestos can cause a variety of diseases. The main diseases are:

    • Mesothelioma
    • Lung cancer
    • Asbestosis
    • Asbestos related pleural disease
    • Pleural plaques
    • Psychiatric conditions.

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In the words of an asbestos victim

  • How could you have been exposed?

    Asbestos products were used widely throughout Australia, particularly in the periods of the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and early 1980’s. Exposure to asbestos over this period of time has occurred in a large range of circumstances. In the past the following individuals have been particularly exposed to asbestos:

    • Boiler makers and fitters
      Defence personnel
      Asbestos sprayers or laggers
      Individuals working in the asbestos industry, including the manufacturing of asbestos products
      Individuals working in power stations, shipyards, manufacturing factories, waterside workers
      Builders and home renovators
      Commonwealth employees
      Individuals working in close proximity to asbestos sprayers or laggers
  • How long will your claim take?

    The length of time your claim will take will depend on which jurisdiction your claim is pursued through and the extent of your injuries. At an initial meeting an estimate of the time to finalise your claim can be provided.

  • When should you seek legal advice?

    Due to the various time limits that apply you should seek legal advice as soon as possible, after you become aware you are suffering from any asbestos related disease. We can see you at our office, at your home or in hospital if necessary.

  • How much will my claim cost?

    Our first consultation with you is free. We will often run your claim on a “no win no fee basis”. Our costs will be conditional upon your claim being successful. Payment of our costs is delayed until the successful completion of your claim. You can discuss our costs with the lawyer at your first free consultation.

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