Driving Offences

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The consequences of a driving offence can be serious, even threatening your reputation and ability to earn. We represent people accused of various driving offences including traffic violations, DUI (driving under the influence), driving with the prescribed concentration of alcohol in their blood, drug driving, dangerous driving and licence suspensions. These types of cases can be challenging, but with our comprehensive knowledge of traffic laws and regulations, as well as our deep understanding of the legal processes involved, we are committed to providing comprehensive legal guidance and representation to individuals facing driving-related charges.

Whether someone is pleading guilty to an offence or seeking to challenge the allegation, we take the time to review the evidence and ensure that all procedures have been complied with. We begin by thoroughly reviewing the circumstances of the case, including the evidence, witness statements, and applicable traffic laws. We carefully analyse the strength of the prosecution’s case and identify any potential defences or mitigating factors. This enables us to provide tailored advice specific to each client’s unique circumstances and develop a defence strategy.

Our team works closely with clients to guide them through the legal process and explain their rights and options. We provide clear explanations of the potential consequences, legal defences, and available alternatives. We ensure that our clients understand the implications of their choices and help them make informed decisions.

Allegations of drink driving are serious, particularly now that Police have the power to impound a person’s vehicle. We also represent people accused of driving without due care and driving in a way that is culpably negligent, reckless, at speed or dangerous to the public.

We understand the importance of minimising the impact of driving offences on our clients’ lives and livelihoods. We provide guidance on mitigating potential penalties, including advocating for reduced fines, licence reinstatement, or alternative sentencing options. We strive to protect our clients’ driving privileges and minimise the long-term consequences of driving offences.

Driver Fatigue

Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, liability for breaches of Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue laws can arise for everyone in the chain of responsibility who do not take reasonable steps to prevent driver fatigue. Our team can help you navigate this new and technical area of law.

Extraordinary Licences (Western Australia only)

If you have been disqualified from holding a drivers licence, you may be able to apply for an Extraordinary Licence for purposes such as work. We can assist in preparing these applications and representing you in the Magistrates Court.

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