Restructuring Advice

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When it comes to business, change is inevitable, and unavoidable! There are a number of reasons why businesses may face the need to restructure their organisations; changing market conditions, improvements to efficiencies or to respond to financial challenges.

Even when it is necessary, restructuring can be complex, and can involve a number of important considerations and steps. Often restructures can take months to plan, and even more months to implement.

The first thing for any business considering a restructure, is to have clear objectives/reasons for the restructure. This way, you can always check back to make sure you are still on track to meet these objectives.

A thorough review of all employment contracts should take place, and careful consideration of all alternatives. Sometimes, voluntary redundancy programs, temporary stand-downs or other solutions can be found that might be more cost-effective and lead to fewer legal issues.

We can help you throughout the whole process – once a decision has been made, we can advise on the consultation with employees, ensure compliance with any anti-discrimination laws, properly document everything, and help you plan for post-restructure compliance.