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With a culture of service, and a determination to get it right for our clients, Tindall Gask Bentley has earned a place of respect in the Australian legal community.

For more than four decades we’ve been finding practical cost-effective solutions to the wide-ranging legal problems upon which we’re asked to assist. Our ethos of empathy for the people who come to us for advice has been nurtured since the firm’s beginnings. It flows naturally from our team-oriented approach.

Together with our diverse span of expertise, it has allowed us to grow into a firm of renowned litigation and advisory specialists who also understand that your best solution can come from avoiding the need to go to court.

Tindall Gask Bentley was established in South Australia in 1970. The firm grew to become the largest plaintiff law firm, and also the largest family law firm, in the state. TGB is now also open in Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Most importantly, 97 percent of TGB clients would recommend us to their friends.

  • I was extremely pleased with the outcome and the way you helped me. I was very impressed with the care and professionalism shown to me by you and your staff.
    - Lorna
  • I sincerely want to thank you for your assistance and guidance through my claim. Your professionalism and sincerity was very much appreciated.
    - Bernie
  • You have offered me amazing assistance for the future. THANK YOU!
    - Daniel
  • TGB's guidance has been incredible.
    - Gabby
  • Fantastic service and advice, really appreciate it.
    - Mark Knowles, Olympic Gold Medallist
  • Gary Allison is a excellent Lawyer who puts his clients at ease and takes the time to help them understand the process with MVA cases in what is a very stressful and daunting time for his clients. Gary is also supported by excellent staff who know your file very well to answer questions when Gary isn't available at the time of the call. I strongly recommend Gary and his staff to anyone that needs a lawyer for MVA and Work Cover cases.
    - Petra
  • Barney Gask and Zoe Dempster were outstanding. They got me the medical treatment I needed, were always there to answer questions and got me a better than expected settlement for my motor vehicle accident claim. Would highly recommend them.
    - Michael
  • Virginia Bui and her team highly recommended. Very thorough with her work regarding family law. If it wasnt for her close eye for detail and determination to finish the task as well as she did I may not have had the outcome that i have now. Thank you very much.
    - David
  • I have spent the last 4.5 years trying to settle with my ex-husband. Throughout this time, Diana Dichiera has been a very professional, approachable and supportive Lawyer. Her patient and attention to detail was outstanding and I could not have come through this horrible time without her. TGB, great for getting things done. Thank you Diana, you are one of the good ones...
    - Kelley
  • Working under the highly professional guidance of Wendy Barry and her team delivered me comfortable reassurance, efficiency and excellence with all my end goals met and covered off within an ideal time period. Having worked with three others lawyers before coming to TGB I can unequivocally state that TGB is miles ahead of the rest when it comes to competence, client protection and satisfaction. I have recommended them to many others and will continue to do so.
    - Rebecca
  • Very professional and expert advice! Everything about the experience was great.
    - Naomi
  • I found that my lawyer and his staff were very efficient and felt they had genuine concern about me as a client.
    - Mark