Criminal law

If you are facing criminal allegations it is critical that you get legal advice.  Fill out your details here or call (08) 8212 1077 (SA), (08) 9211 5800 (WA), (07) 3373 0200 (QLD), (08) 8941 7814 (NT) or 1800 730 842 (ACT).

TGB Lawyers has a dedicated team of experienced criminal lawyers who can advise on whatever charges you might be facing.

It is crucial to get good legal advice quickly when it comes to criminal allegations, as you can often face serious consequences. Many criminal offences carry a term of imprisonment and/or hefty fines.  In addition, those accused of certain criminal offences may have their properties restrained (caveats) and if convicted, confiscated.  Further, convictions for violent offences could see a person forced to pay criminal injury compensation. In addition, people that come to see us for advice are often facing reputational issues, and the prospects of losing their employment.

This is undeniably a stressful time for our clients. We don’t just offer our expertise and the promise of swift action, but we offer understanding, empathy, and honesty. No matter what the position might be, we know that you are seeking certainty in relation to what you might be facing, and seek regular communication so you feel reassured every step of the way.

Criminal law matters that we are engaged regularly on include:

  • Assault
  • Dishonesty/Fraud/Theft
  • Corporate offences
  • Drugs & Firearms
  • Murder/Manslaughter
  • Sex offences
  • Work Health and Safety Prosecutions (defence)
  • Appeals

We offer comprehensive legal solutions, unwavering dedication, and compassionate support to individuals facing criminal charges. With our experienced team of criminal lawyers, we strive to achieve justice and favourable outcomes for our clients, upholding the principles of fairness, integrity, and the rule of law.


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