Fixed fee family law services – Perth

We offer Fixed Fee family law services to clients based in Perth, Western Australia. If this sounds of interest to you or you would like to know more, register online here and we’ll contact you, or call us on (08) 9211 5800 .

Few times in life are more traumatic or uncertain than the end of a relationship. You need a caring approach and practical, helpful advice. It also helps to have financial certainty during this process to help you move forward with confidence.

What are fixed fees?

Essentially, our fixed fee billing system means you will know the cost of your legal bill from the outset. It allows you to plan for, and be in control of, your legal costs.

How does it work?

Our Fixed Fee family law practice in Western Australia will provide you with an exact fee for each stage of work required. By quoting for each stage of your matter you will always know what the next step will be and how much it will cost.

For each quoted stage of work, we clearly define the scope of the work included, the amount to be charged, and when it will be billed. This provides you with certainty and reassurance.

By providing you with a quote for each stage we can ensure our fees are tailored to your individual needs and that the fees reflect the exact work needed to progress your matter.


Bill Bloggs’ marriage has broken down and his former wife has made an urgent application to divide the property of the marriage.

We firstly provide him with a quote for a fixed fee to cover the drafting and filing of his responding documents and to represent him at the first court hearing.

We will then provide a new fixed fee quote after the initial court attendance once we know how the court has ordered the matter to progress. For example, we might provide a fixed fee to attend mediation, to draft consent orders or to represent Bill at a future court attendance.

By providing you with a quote once we know exactly what comes next, we can provide cost certainty every step of the way, giving you peace of mind.

Why choose fixed fees?

  • Cost certainty – fixed fees allow you to plan for the financial commitment of legal fees.
  • Risk reduction – the lawyer is responsible for scoping work, and this reduces the risk of ‘billing blow outs’ affecting you.
  • The focus is on results & outcomes – our lawyers are motivated to get work done promptly and achieve results.
  • Agreed scope and value of the work to be performed for you.
  • No nasty billing surprises!