Fixed Fees

Your top 5 questions about Fixed Fee family law services

TGB receives plenty of questions about our Fixed Fee family law service, so we are providing answers to the most common ones here.

fixed fee family law TGBWe understand that few times in life are as traumatic or uncertain as the end of a relationship. A caring approach and practical, helpful advice is vital but it also helps to have some financial certainty during the process, to help you move forward with confidence.

We receive plenty of questions about our Fixed Fee family law service, so we are providing answers to the most common ones here.

  1. What are fixed fees?

Essentially, our fixed fee billing system means you will know the cost of your legal bill from the outset. It allows you to plan for, and be in control of, your legal costs.

  1. How do you come up with the price for your service?

Our team has decades of collective experience providing family law legal services. We understand the process inside and out, and know what can occur during each stage. This allows us to break down each stage and quote you exactly what you will need – no more, no less.

When we first meet with you, we will provide you with an initial understanding of the costs for your matter, broken down into stages. We will then provide you with a quote, called a ‘Fixed Fee Agreement’ for the first stage of your matter. As the scope of work at each stage ends and we are looking at the next stage, we will contact you to discuss a quote for that next stage. In this way, you have certainty, step by step, as your matter progresses.

  1. Why should I choose fixed fees?

    • Cost certainty – fixed fees allow you to plan for the financial commitment of legal fees.
    • Risk reduction – the lawyer is responsible for scoping work, and this reduces the risk of ‘billing blow outs’ affecting you.
    • The focus is on results & outcomes – our lawyers are motivated to get work done promptly and achieve results.
    • Agreed scope and value of the work to be performed for you.
    • No nasty billing surprises!
  1. Are there any extra costs?

Our fixed fee service means that the price you pay for legal work done by us is set at an amount agreed by us.

There are certain costs incurred by third parties during most family law matters. These are known as disbursements, and include court filing fees, valuation reports, process server fees etc. These costs aren’t controlled by us, but we will provide a best estimate of each of these to you in our quote so you can plan for that amount.

  1. Could my costs change?

We will provide you with a quote for each stage of your matter. This is known as a ‘Fixed Fee Agreement’ and details the scope of work for that agreement, explaining exactly what you will get for your money.

As we approach a new stage, we will send you a new Fixed Fee Agreement for the next stage of work, based on how your matter is progressing.

If the scope of the work or your legal needs change dramatically during one stage, we will let you know straight away. No extra costs can be added without discussion and agreement with you.

By breaking your matter down into stages, it gives you a lot more financial certainty – while we can ensure that you are not charged for any work that is additional to your exact needs.

How can TGB Lawyers’ Fixed Fee family law service help me?

We offer Fixed Fee family law services to clients based in Perth, Western Australia.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of separation, or how our Fixed Fee family law service can help you, please visit our Fixed Fee family law web page or contact a member of our team on 08 9211 5800 or via email: