Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a process where disputing parties meet with a qualified mediator with the aim of negotiating an outcome acceptable to both parties.

During the course of a Mediation, the parties, with the assistance of the mediator will:

  • Identify the issues in dispute
  • Explore and consider options
  • Identifies each parties interests at stake in the dispute
  • Negotiate with one another and
  • Try and reach agreement

Mediation is generally:

  • less expensive than litigation
  • more flexible with outcomes
  • Speedier than litigation
  • Private and confidential
  • Preserves relationships

Mediation is particularly suitable where parties want an early and amicable solution.

Mediation is ideally suited to family law disputes where Conciliation and Informal conferences are routinely used by the Family Law Courts to resolve disputes.

The Adelaide offices of Tindall Gask Bentley (76 Light Square, Adelaide) have the latest conference room facilities for the use of the parties at no additional cost.

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