Family & Divorce

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Few times in life are more traumatic or uncertain than the end of a relationship.

It is at times like this you need practical, helpful advice. That’s why we wrote Surviving Separation – our free 60-page  eBook guide to splitting up, packing up and moving forward.

Our guide takes you through every step of the separation process, helping you with:

  • Smart steps to take as soon as you break up to protect your rights and entitlements;
  • How to protect your assets;
  • Property settlement;
  • Spousal maintenance;
  • Parenting arrangements;
  • School holidays and children’s travel;
  • Pet custody;
  • Your mental health and;
  • Tying up the loose ends and moving forward.

No matter how rocky the road, the ultimate destination for most people is the same – separating assets and debts to achieve financial independence and a brighter future, and getting good routines in place for happy children and happy parents.

Surviving Separation has been created for you. If you understand the separation process and its different stages you greatly improve your chances of getting through it without going broke or experiencing extreme emotional trauma. We want you to move forward with confidence.