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The impact of Coronavirus on Family Law matters

For separated families the additional stress and uncertainty brought about by COVID-19 has added an unwanted layer of complexity to resolving care arrangements and finalising property settlements.Now more than ever is the time to seek specialised family law advice to cut through complexity created by COVID-19. Many families...

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Coronavirus, separation and divorce: What should I do?

Coronavirus has hit us at an alarming speed.  I personally didn’t expect this to happen so quickly because everything I was reading and seeing on the news was happening in China and Italy which is so far away from home.  Now as I sit in my home office and prepare this blog, and each time I watch the news, reality has...

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How I Survived Divorce: A Family Lawyer's Own Experience

Going through a separation and divorce is a very difficult time.  I can say this as I have experienced it first hand. You might think I had the “upper hand” throughout my separation and divorce because I am a family lawyer myself. Well, I can say that was not the case at all. Lawyers need lawyers for their own divorce too. Lawyers...

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