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When home is not a haven

For most of us, our homes are where we feel safe and secure. For others, a home is a hostile place where safety is not a certainty and where protecting oneself and our family is a daily struggle. It’s a day by day ritual of walking on eggshells to keep the peace and never knowing what slightest act or word will trigger...

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Coronavirus, separation and divorce: What should I do?

Coronavirus has hit us at an alarming speed.  I personally didn’t expect this to happen so quickly because everything I was reading and seeing on the news was happening in China and Italy which is so far away from home.  Now as I sit in my home office and prepare this blog, and each time I watch the news, reality has...

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New Surrogacy Laws in South Australia

Sadly having a child does not come easily to all would-be parents and for many reasons surrogacy can be the only option after a long and costly road of medical testing and fertility treatments. Up until 31 October 2019 Part 2B of the Family Relationships Act 1975 (SA) provided the legislative framework for Surrogacy in South...

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