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How can I get an intervention order in South Australia?

Firstly… what is an intervention order? Intervention orders help to protect a person and their family if they are a victim of abuse, and are tailored to the particular person and their situation. Intervention orders are designed to prevent someone that is harassing, threatening or abusing a person from having contact with...

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Police investigations or criminal offences: what are a teacher's reporting obligations in South Australia?

If you’re a registered teacher who is under police investigation, or if you have been charged with or convicted of a criminal offence, you may have an obligation to report. In South Australia, section 24(2) of the Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004, states that every teacher’s registration must have attached...

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I am under police investigation, but have not yet been arrested and charged: do I need a lawyer?

Engaging a criminal lawyer may seem unnecessary if you have not yet been arrested and charged, or summonsed to appear at Court. However, if you do not understand your rights and obligations as a suspect or defendant, there is a real risk of creating trouble for yourself in the long run. Here are three important reasons to consider...

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Why WA Public Servants should insist on the execution of search warrants rather than giving occupier's consent

When police execute search warrants, it is common practice for occupier's consent to be sought in lieu of executing the warrant. The practice of seeking and obtaining occupier's consent is permitted and indeed endorsed by section 30 of the Criminal Investigation Act 2006 (CIA). If an occupier does provide their consent, then...

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InDaily: The political challenge of unracking, unpacking and unstacking

After feeding the South Australian public for years on a strict rhetorical diet of being “tough on crime”, it’s no wonder the State Government is struggling to sell home detention as a palatable sentencing option, writes TGB managing partner Morry Bailes for InDaily. Read the full article here. Morry Bailes...

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