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Today Tonight: Workplace shooting victim now broke amputee, little hope of extra compensation

David Snow’s life changed the day armed robbers raided his workplace  and shrapnel from a gunshot hit his right leg. Now an amputee, David is struggling to find employment and has exhausted all avenues for further compensation. Tindall Gask Bentley partner Amber Sprague spoke to Channel 7’s “Today Tonight”...

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Injured transport workers Pt 1: I was injured interstate. Am I covered for compensation?

Trucks keep Australia moving, but what happens when transport workers are injured on the job? TGB lawyer Daniel Clarke explains the various factors that need to be considered. Transport workers keep the economy ticking over across Australia’s vast land. These workers cross state lines frequently, in metropolitan and country...

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I was injured while having a seizure at work. Can I make a compensation claim?

Not all workplace injuries happen because of accidents or negligence. TGB lawyer Alexandra Harris explains your compensation rights if you are injured at work while having a seizure. Making a workers compensation claim is not always clear-cut. What if you have an epileptic fit at work and break your ankle? Do you have a claim...

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