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Adelaide law firm’s client survey delivers stunning results

Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers has been praised by clients for providing exceptional legal services.

54 clients who had completed their matters in the month of August volunteered to complete a survey and rate their experience with TGB, revealing an overall service satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Based on the firm’s service, 100 percent of respondents said they would recommend a Tindall Gask Bentley lawyer to a friend.

Services provided:

Rating average: 4.7/5.

Lawyers were rated on the ability to anticipate the client’s needs, provide thoughtful and responsive advice, help the client with understand their situation, respect their views and decisions and make the client feel important.

The client’s experience with TGB throughout the matter:

Rating average: 4.8/5

The firm was rated according to politeness and courtesy of lawyers and administration staff toward the client, promptness in greeting and meeting the client, technical skills and knowledge of the lawyer and the lawyer’s attention to the client’s concerns and questions.

TGB’s communication with the client:

Rating average: 4.7/5

Clients rated the politeness and courtesy of reception staff, convenience in reaching the person requested, a prompt return of call if the person was unavailable and overall satisfaction with the contact over the telephone.

When asked for additional comments about our firm, this is what our clients said about us:

“The service of Mr Richard Gask was highly satisfying, would recommend to anyone.”

“I have already recommended your firm to family and friends.”

“Very pleasant, easy to deal with and helpful.”

Barney Gask and team are outstanding in their work and deserve lots of credit for their continual professional service. I’m an extremely happy client and will always be a client of TGB.”

“Both Tim White and Dimitra Bouras were both incredibly sympathetic to both my needs and those of my husband. They always made us feel relaxed when stressed about my claim.”

“Your service has always been to the highest professional standard possible.”

“I found the staff very helpful in both answering queries and promptly answering my calls.”

Michael King is a wonderful lawyer, very friendly.”

“My husband has been a client for the past two years with two WorkCover claims. He has the highest regard for Morry Bailes.”

Victoria Bell was very pleasant at all times. This is what led me to recommend a friend to the Salisbury office.”

“I was so happy with my time with Michael King. I couldn’t have really asked for better. He helped me get a sense of closure which has meant the most to me. I am so grateful!”

“I found Mr Warhurst most helpful in explaining clearly the things that I was not fully aware of.”

“Very professional lawyers and staff. Very much appreciated the courtesy in dealing with things.”

“I was very happy with the advice and guidance of Rosemary Caruso.”

“My lawyer Marcia Waters was very good.”

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