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Report on abuse in defence force

The Defence Abuse Response Taskforce has tabled two reports on abuse in Defence in Federal Parliament on 26 November 2014.

The Defence Abuse Response Taskforce has tabled two reports on abuse in Defence in Federal Parliament on 26 November 2014. 


The report on abuse at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and the report on abuse in Defence were produced from 2400 complaints made to the Taskforce by Australian Defence Force abuse victims.

The reports included the personal stories and extent of abuse while in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), the ADF’s management of abuse and the response from the Taskforce.

Three of Tindall Gask Bentley’s military compensation clients provided personal account statements to these reports while nine have so far received the maximum $50,000 reparation from the Taskforce.

It was extremely difficult for victims to reflect on these highly traumatic memories that have gone on to impact the rest of their lives. However, it was a well overdue opportunity for them to share their story and receive acknowledgment.

A number of important outcomes are expected to arise from the reports, including the potential for a Royal Commission into abuse at the ADFA. This recommendation is welcomed by TGB, as it demonstrates that the systemic culture of abuse in the ADF is being taken seriously. However it will be even more important to ensure that positive action is taken from any recommendations made by a Royal Commission.

It is also particularly concerning that some perpetrators of abuse appear to have not been brought to justice, and in many cases management of complaints by the ADF has been extremely poor.

The reports are confronting, but are a crucial step towards breaking the culture of abuse within the ADF.

Download the reports:

Report on abuse at Australian Defence Force Academy

Report on abuse in Defence


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