Defence Force Members

Multiple avenues to military compensation for defence force members

TGB’s military compensation team is currently assisting many Australian Defence Force members across a number of areas of law.

TGB’s military compensation team is currently assisting many Australian Defence Force members across a number of areas of law. 


Our work assisting clients with their DART (Defence Abuse Response Taskforce) complaints is ongoing. 75 percent of our DART clients have now had their matters assessed and finalised. 

All have been offered a number of outcomes ranging from reparation payments, to participation in counselling programs and attending upon restorative engagement meetings with senior members of the Australian Defence Force.   

The total amount paid to our clients by way of reparation payment is nearing the $600,000 mark, with maximum payouts ($50,000) assessed for almost 50 percent of our DART clients. The overwhelming response from our DART clients to this is that they are grateful to finally have an acknowledgement of their complaints and now have the ability to commence a new chapter in their lives. 

The final date for matter to be assessed and processed by the DART was 30 November 2014.

Military Compensation claims 

We continue to assist current and former members with their military compensation claims and have seen an increase in the number of enquiries from those who have recently been discharged from the ADF, particularly in light of recent media coverage.  

If you have been injured (physically and psychologically) in the course of service, the legislation governing this area of law can be very complex so it is important to seek advice in order to be fully informed as to what your potential entitlements may be under the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA), Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) and Veterans Entitlement Act 1986. You may have entitlements to ongoing incapacity payments, payment of medical expenses and lump sum compensation depending on your circumstances.  

Claims with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) 

We are working with a number of veteran groups, particularly in circumstances where a veteran’s claim has been denied by the Veterans Review Board. We are also increasingly being approached by defence members direct to assist with filing claim forms and resolving disputes where the DVA has made adverse decisions.  

It is crucial that injury claims are filed with the DVA well before any medical discharge from the military occurs. This will assist greatly with the speed at which the DVA consider a claim and it will also mean that the member can not be medically discharged from the Defence Force until the DVA has made a decision in relation to the injury claim. 

National coverage 

TGB has a national military compensation practice. With offices in Adelaide, Perth and Darwin our lawyers see clients in person but also do a lot of work via phone, Skype and email for members located across the country.  

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To discuss anything in this article, or if you believe you may be eligible for military compensation and would like help with your compensation claim,  please contact TGB partner Tim White. Tim is a member of the Royal Australian Airforce Reserves, and specialises in military compensation claims.

Tim and his team advise Defence Force members and veterans across Australia on their entitlement to military compensation.

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