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I have a family lawyer… who else do I need in my corner to survive separation?


Separating from a long-term partner can be one of the most distressing experiences in life, however a good support network can make the process a whole lot simpler and easier. Family and friends will always be there to lean on but have you considered what professional services you may need to “untie the knot” and start your next chapter?

Below is a list of the top-5 professionals you will need to consult after separation, including your family lawyer.

Family Lawyer 

A good first step post-separation is to get advice from a family lawyer. Your family lawyer will be able to assist with any urgent issues that might arise immediately after separation as well as provide advice about the longer-term issues including care arrangements for children and the division of assets and strategies to address them. Even if you’re not ready to address those issues, the knowledge you gain at your initial consultation will empower you to take charge of the situation when you are.

Estate Lawyer

Did you know that if your will isn’t up to date, your former partner may still receive your assets upon your death? Jointly owned assets could automatically go to the surviving joint asset holder if you don’t take steps to prevent that. If you have jointly held assets with your former partner and you would not be happy for them to receive those assets upon your death, you should consult an estate lawyer to discuss your options and update your will as soon as possible.

Mortgage Broker 

So you’ve decided you want to keep the family home and pay-out your former partner. This means you’ll also need to take on responsibility for the mortgage and if it’s a joint mortgage, you’ll need to refinance it into your sole name. You’ve worked with your family lawyer to get an idea of what the pay-out figure, now you need a mortgage broker to help secure the finance you need to make the settlement happen.

Financial Planner

Separation can have a huge impact on your finances, particularly when you have shared your finances with your ex-partner for a long time. Your financial goals will also likely change post-separation as you start your next chapter. A financial planner can help you undertake a comprehensive review of your financial situation, develop a budget and a plan for the future.


Looking after yourself after separation is extremely important as it can be a sad and overwhelming time. If you are struggling, seek help from a GP or counsellor to help navigate through the emotional turmoil. Some people are reluctant to get support for fear of judgement by others or being seen as an unfit parent, but the opposite is true. You need to take care of yourself so you can be the best parent to your children, who may be struggling with the separation.

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