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10 Tips To Help Your Children After Separation

How can divorcing parents help their children through the emotional challenges of separation? Read ten tips from TGB’s Dina Paspaliaris.

In my family and divorce practice parents seek legal advice about their children’s living arrangements, which is vital in providing a stable environment for their children, but it is also important for separating couples to turn their minds to the emotional needs of their children.

Here are ten tips to help you help your children:

1. Both parents should tell their children they still love them and that this will always be the case;

2. Explain to your children what is happening and what they are to expect over the coming weeks/months;

3. Tell your children it is important for them to have an ongoing relationship with both parents;

4. Be positive about the other parent when talking to your children, or about the other parent in the vicinity of the children;

5. Do not criticise the other parent in front of the children;

6. Always have the lines of communication open with the other parent when it comes to talking about the children;

7. Talk to your children’s teachers, coaches and other important people that play a role in their lives to make sure they’re aware of the separation and look out for your children during this time;

8. Talk to the children about how they are feeling about the other parent and about the separation.  Remind the child that they are not to blame for the separation;

9. Keep your children out of adult arguments and do not ask them to relay messages to the other parent;

10. Children are innocent parties in a separation, therefore, do not turn to them for emotional support, as they need your support and love.

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