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Bacterial illness: Event organisers urged to take extra precautions

Injury lawyer Tim White says event organisers should take extra steps to protect their patrons from illness.


26/9/11: 7 News, Adelaide

Tindall Gask Bentley Partner Tim White says event organisers should take extra precautions to protect their patrons from illness, after a number of people caught serious bacterial infections following a visit to the Royal Adelaide Show.

“It’s a good reminder for operators of the duty of care and responsibility they owe to their patrons,” Mr White said.

The Shiga toxin-producing E.coli (STEC) infection has been linked to a Royal Adelaide Show animal nursery.

Mr White said a victim’s chances of compensation depend on their individual circumstances, but it appears that event organisers had taken some steps toward providing a safe environment for their patrons.

 “In this case it looks as if some preventative action had been taken, but maybe even more measures need to be put in place given the obvious risks when humans come into contact with animals,” he said.

“Hand washing facilities may have been in place, but did staff ensure that soap dispensers and paper towel were fully stocked at all times? Is this enough protection? Were the animals tested for illnesses before the event? These things need to be considered.”

Mr White said providing a safe environment not only protects people from disease, but also the future of animal nurseries.

“We want to make sure that children can continue to interact with animals, and nurseries are without doubt a fantastic experience,” Mr White said.

“Let’s just make sure that people are aware of the risks and that all the right steps are taken to prevent illness.”

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