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Olla Kutieleh takes the utmost care and concern with all clients to ensure that they are fully aware of their legal entitlements and are therefore able to move forward without the stress of uncertainty commonly associated with personal injury claims.

Olla explores every available option with her clients in order to allow them to receive their full entitlements. Through her diligent work and attention to detail Olla has been able to effectively maximise lump sum payments for permanent impairment from work related injuries, lump sum payments for CTP and have workers compensation payments re-instated. An understanding of the significant difference these outcomes make in the lives of her clients is what motivates Olla to continue to go above and beyond expectations for her clients needs.

Olla is very approachable and makes every effort to understand her clients and their needs so that their claim can be resolved accordingly.

Olla understands that personal injury claims are often complex and that guiding her clients through the process step by step is fundamental to alleviating stress and ensuring a positive outcome.

Olla has worked with group claimants in class actions and also appeared before the Human Rights Commission, motivated by the opportunity to provide access to justice to those who otherwise may go without.

In creating a full and comprehensive service to her clients, Olla also offers wills and estate planning advice her clients.

Whether it is for forward planning such as a simple Will, Enduring Power of Attorney or Advance Care Directive, or more complex matters such as disputed estates and litigation and estate administration, Olla offers comprehensive knowledge and a strong guiding influence.

Olla is professional, honest and highly skilled with a limitless dedication to  helping her clients achieve positive results.


Olla Kutieleh

Senior Associate

My Qualifications

  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, ANU
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Adelaide
  • Bachelor of International Studies, University of Adelaide

My Areas of Expertise

  • Class Actions
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Comcare and Commonwealth Employee Claims
  • Defence Force Members, Veterans and Widow Claims
  • Medical Negligence
  • Total and Permanent Disability / Superannuation Claims
  • Wills, Will Trusts and Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Disputes

My Professional Interests

  • Committee Member of Australian Lawyers Alliance (SA)
  • Member of the Law Society of SA

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