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Disciplinary (Employees)

If you need a lawyer for your disciplinary matter, register online here and we’ll contact you, or call us on (08) 8212 1077 (South Australia/Northern Territory) or (08) 9211 5800 (Western Australia).

Public Servants

We can assist local, state and federal government employees who are being investigated for alleged breaches of the applicable codes of conduct and policies that apply to them in their employment as public servants.  We can assist in the investigation stage, assist in drafting submissions, and in grievance and disciplinary appeals.

Fair Work Act

Alleged misconduct in employment can be dealt by employers in a number of ways.  We are able to advise employees who are being investigated or have been disciplined in their employment as to whether they may have a right of appeal using, for example, the general protections provisions of the Fair Work Act that prohibit disciplinary action being taken on prohibited grounds.

Disciplinary Tribunals

We regularly represent employees facing proceedings before boards and tribunals, including the Police Disciplinary Tribunal, the Industrial Relations Commission, the Teachers Appeal Board, State Administrative Tribunal, among others.

Workplace Discipline and Employee Misconduct Investigations

We act for employees who are under investigation for misconduct. Investigations into an employee’s conduct in the workplace can have serious consequences.  This may go beyond the loss of a job and have aspects of allegations of criminal wrongdoing.  It is important employees under investigation or going through disciplinary processes who seek advice do so as soon as possible.

If you are facing disciplinary action, contact us.

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