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TGB partner Tim White starts Law Society SA presidency

2020 is set to be a significant year for the South Australian legal profession, and at the heart of it will be TGB partner Tim White, who has begun his one-year term as Law Society of South Australia President.

A recognised advocate for the rights and entitlements of injured people for more than 20 years, Tim says he is honoured to have been elected to hold the office for 2020.

“I’m humbled and also delighted that I can give back to the profession which has given me so much throughout my career,” he says.

Tim, pictured, noted the wide-ranging Family Court Review, SA’s rapidly-growing Space industry and the potential introduction of the Uniform Law – where lawyers are allowed to work across state borders much more easily – as key issues.

TGB Partner and Law Society SA President Tim White

“The Family Court Review will potentially have an enormous impact on families not just in SA but across the country,” he says.

“While the Space Industry has the potential to be a key employer in the not-too-distant future, there are legal issues around this evolving industry and we need to keep ahead of it to ensure growth.

“Meanwhile, we will keep an eye on the Uniform Law rollout in other states and whether it makes sense for SA to join that national scheme”

High on Tim’s agenda for the year is to improve the profession’s credibility and connection with the general public.

“Lawyers get a pretty bad rap a lot of the time, and we need to do more to connect with the public and show them how our role in the legal process actually protects them and solves problems,” he says.

“Many people feel worried or concerned before seeing a lawyer, when we want them to feel like they are in trusted hands in the same way they might when they see a doctor.”

Tim also noted the enormous need for lawyers and other professions to work closer together to create better outcomes for their shared clients.

“Often when people are seeing a lawyer they are also seeing other professionals for related issues – such as in the financial and health sectors,” he says.

“Greater communication and understanding will see more and more professions working together in pursuit of a common goal or outcome, and this can only mean a better experience for clients who are likely going through a difficult, stressful time.”

Tim White will continue to meet TGB clients throughout 2020 and his Law Society Presidency.