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PIP implants “twice as likely to rupture”

TGB Partner Tim White has welcomed the UK Department of Health’s findings that PIP breast implants are “clearly substandard” and more likely to rupture than other implants “by a factor of around two to six”.

An expert panel, led by NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh, has released a final report about the health ramifications of the medical devices, which were implanted into an estimated 5000 Australian women.

More than 1000 of those women have registered for a class action led by Mr White, who said the findings back up his firm’s investigations.

“The report clearly states that these implants are not fit for purpose and thousands of Australian women have had sub-standard implants in their bodies,” Mr White said.

“Some of our clients are still paying off loans for the initial surgery, and are now facing further costs to remove the ruptured implants.”

The report also found that chemical and toxicity levels “did not show significant health risks”, but does support experiences of rupture often with local reactions such as swollen lymph nodes.

“The implants contain an unauthorised and unapproved substance, and while the chemical studies do provide some relief we still do not know what the long term ramifications might be,” Mr White said.

“The many women who have made contact with our firm have told us that the uncertainty surrounding their implants has taken an enormous toll physically, psychologically and financially, and for that they must be compensated and measures put in place to ensure that this health crisis never happens again.”

The full report can be found here 

Register for the class action here or call (08) 8212 1077.