Injured People

Do I need a lawyer if my work injury claim is accepted?

The short answer is yes.

Having a lawyer involved with your claim, even if it is accepted and you’ve had no issues could mean the difference between receiving a lump sum compensation payment versus receiving nothing.

This is especially true when your injuries are deemed medically stable and the time comes for you to undergo an Whole Person Impairment assessment.

I will be able to assess your workers compensation claim, evaluate the medical evidence and I will ensure that all the relevant medical evidence is considered. My job is to identify and maximise your entitlements and the amount of compensation payable.

A lump sum entitlement for non-economic loss is a ‘one off’ payment that will have no bearing on your current claim or entitlements – i.e., it will not finalise your claim.


How can a lawyer make a difference for you?

For compensation to be payable an accredited specialist will need to assess you as having at least a 5% Whole Person Impairment due to your injuries.

If you reach this threshold, then you may also be entitled to a second lump sum payment for economic loss.

The Compensating Authority will generally not explain the process to injured workers in detail – other than providing them with a list of accredited assessors to choose from.

At TGB, we are familiar with the accredited doctors available and we can ensure that the right doctor is chosen to assess your work injury or injuries to help get the highest assessment and the highest compensation payable.

The timing of the Whole Person Impairment assessment is important, as you only get ‘one shot’ at having  an assessment for an injury (including other injuries that may develop because of your work injury at a later time)– i.e., if your condition gets worse after the assessment, or further injuries develop as a result of your work injury, you will not be able to undergo a further assessment once the process is finalised.

Our job is to ensure that the assessment is not undertaken too early and to also maximise the amount of compensation payable.

If you have an accepted workers compensation claim you should consider getting legal advice to ensure that the process is undertaken the right way – you only get one chance at having the assessment so it is crucial that it is done properly – otherwise it can be too late and you may be faced with receiving less compensation than the amount you may otherwise be awarded.