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Asbestos Victims Memorial Day


Tindall Gask Bentley partner Tim White says Asbestos Victims Memorial Day is an opportunity to remember those who have died or still suffer from asbestos related illnesses.

“Thousands of South Australians have tragically lost their lives to diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis, while many others live with the ongoing symptoms every day,” Mr White said.

Mr White, who attended a memorial breakfast at Jack Watkins Reserve on Friday (November 25, 2011), said victims continue to come forward and South Australian companies with links to asbestos products must take more responsibility.

“Our battle to win compensation for these people is ongoing, because many of the responsible organisations won’t accept the claims without a fight,” Mr White said.

“On this important memorial day, we hope they reflect on the human impact of asbestos and show more support for the victims.”

Mr White said there is a dangerous public perception that asbestos products are no longer a risk, which is far from the truth.

“It is alarming that many are oblivious to the current and very real threat of asbestos related illness,” Mr White said.

“With increasing interest in home renovation, there are concerns we could be on the verge of a second wave of potentially fatal diseases and awareness about asbestos must be raised.”

Mr White, who is assisting a number of asbestos victims with their compensation claims, said Asbestos Victims Memorial Day is a timely reminder that more support is needed.

“Asbestos related illness is truly tragic,” he said.

 “While there are some great associations and groups that offer support, there needs to be more funding for counseling, health management and research into new treatment options.”

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Victims of asbestos disease may be entitled to compensation. Register here or contact Tim White on (08) 8212 1077.