Infographic: Pathways to a Divorce and Family Law Resolution

Separating from your partner and don’t know what’s ahead? Our infographic helps you clearly understand the family law process, writes Jane Miller.

Separating from your partner and don’t know what’s ahead? Our infographic helps you clearly understand the family law process, writes TGB’s Jane Miller. 

Navigating your way through a family law problem can be overwhelming, confusing and emotionally draining. For some, it feels as though they are “going around in circles” or that there is “no end in sight”. 

Here at TGB we have long recognised our role as family lawyers is to steer our clients to a fair legal outcome, as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Given that each client’s matter presents its own unique factual circumstances and personalities, that goal is attained more readily for some than it is for others. However, whether dealing with a simple and amicable divorce or a bitter and complicated custody battle, our clients are comforted in the knowledge that we provide a clear strategic plan to bring the matter to a final conclusion. 

Infographic: Getting a divorce and family law resolution

We have produced the TGB Pathways to a Family Law Resolution infographic (click the image to open a high resolution PDF) – a visual aid for clients and people facing a family law problem. It clearly identifies that there is an end in sight, and the three main pathways to get there. 

1. The TGB Pathways to a Family Law Resolution allows clients to commence the resolution of the matter with DIY negotiations, in the comfort that they have a sound legal advisor in the background to coach them towards a fair and amicable settlement. 

2. Where such negotiations fail or aren’t appropriate, then the lawyer can lead those negotiations to an out of court settlement. 

3. As an avenue of last resort, the dispute might proceed through Court. However, there are many opportunities for negotiations to continue in the Court system and indeed the vast majority of matters settle without proceeding to trial. 

While our infographic sets out the road ahead, getting good legal advice as early as possible is fundamental in the pursuit of a fair outcome. It is critical to get this advice even if the relationship split is amicable. At your first appointment with a TGB lawyer you will receive clear advice about which of the pathways would best suit your circumstances, as well as the details about how to get started on your journey towards a resolution to your problem.

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