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TGB – Criminal Lawyers Darwin

Darwin criminal and disciplinary matters, including traffic offences, carry serious consequences that can affect your relationships and threaten your employment and even threaten your liberty. This is why it’s crucial you seek advice from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. We can guide you through the justice system, carefully assess the situation, analyse the evidence and ensure relevant procedures have been complied with.

Here at Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers in Darwin, we understand that being charged with a criminal offence can have significant life-changing consequences. We also understand the importance of having an experienced and trusted criminal lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to navigate you through the legal processes. Above all, our team of criminal lawyers will listen to you and provide you with trusted legal advice when you need it the most.

Why TGB Criminal Lawyers Darwin?

With our team of Darwin criminal lawyers, you won’t face your court process alone. We work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients by:

  • Taking the time to ensure you fully understand your rights;
  • Explain the legal process to you so you are ready for what’s next;
  • Provide you with legal advice that is professional, trustworthy and clear
  • Provide you with the best possible defence in Darwin courts, should it come to that.

If you have found yourself facing a criminal law case, investing in professional legal advice from an experienced Darwin criminal lawyer is your best chance at success.

At TGB Lawyers, our team of leading criminal, traffic and disciplinary lawyers represent clients across a broad range of allegations and issues in Northern Territory . Our criminal solicitors will ensure that you understand any charges you may be facing while also help you to understand the defences that may be available to you.

Areas of Criminal and Traffic Law We Cover:

Our Darwin Criminal Lawyers are highly experienced in representing our clients for varying offences in both courts and tribunals all over Darwin and Northern Territory. We can provide legal assistance with the following:

Road Traffic Offences

The consequences of a driving offence can be serious, even threatening your reputation and ability to earn. We represent people accused of various driving offences including driving under the influence, driving with the prescribed concentration of alcohol in their blood and drug driving. These types of cases can be challenging, but our team has significant experience in defending and resolving matters of this kind.

Criminal Allegations

Whatever the charge you are facing, criminal allegations can have serious consequences for you and it is critical you get legal advice. TGB advises on all areas of criminal law.

Coronial Inquests, ICAC, CCC & Royal Commissions

If you are summonsed to give evidence in the Coroners Court or Royal Commission you are entitled to seek advice from a legal practitioner. As findings may be detrimental to a person’s standing, reputation and employment, it is wise to seek advice before appearing as a witness.

Why Is Darwin Legal Advice Important?

If you are facing a criminal investigation or charges, anything you say in a police interview can have a negative impact on your defence. This is why it is vital to properly manage your case from the outset, with the help of a criminal law professional.

If you have recently been charged with a criminal offence, the importance of working with a professional Darwin criminal lawyer should never be overlooked. Doing so can be the difference between being found innocent or guilty.

At TGB Lawyers, our team of Darwin criminal lawyers will work one on one with you to ensure that you are given sound legal advice about dealing with the police prior to final charges, helping to ensure that you do not hurt your chances of a successful defence.

Freedom is important, and we understand that in order to fight for your freedom, time and the right resources are required to ensure you receive a fair and realistic outcome. Our criminal lawyers have extensive knowledge and understanding of the Northern Territory legal system and will work hard to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Choose TGB Lawyers As Your Darwin Criminal Lawyers!

If you’re looking for a legal team to represent you when you need it the most, look no further than TGB Lawyers in Darwin. With over five decades of industry experience, we have been providing the residents of Darwin and Northern Territory with practical, cost-effective and intelligent solutions to their legal requirements.

To find out more about how we can help you, call TGB Lawyers today!