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Women with breast implants urged to confirm their brand

Tindall Gask Bentley partner Tim White says all Australian women who do not know the brand of their breast implants should contact their surgeon urgently.

Mr White, who is the lawyer in charge of a proposed class action for more than 340 Australians with Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants, believes hundreds of women may have the potentially dangerous medical devices and don’t know it.

“Many women who have contacted us initially had no idea that their implants were the PIP brand until they approached their surgery or hospital and asked the question,” Mr White said.

“It is estimated that about 5000 Australian women have these implants, and it is important for all of them to be aware of the potential health risks and be given the opportunity to assess their options.

“While some surgeries offered a choice of brands and detailed information it seems that plenty did not, and aren’t taking active steps to inform their patients that they have the potentially faulty implants.”

This is despite a recommendation from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for all surgeons who used PIP implants to contact their patients for a medical follow up.

“Some surgeons have been more proactive than others,” Mr White said.

“A few are prioritising the matter, some are making a few calls to patients each week and others aren’t doing anything at all.

“At the moment it still seems as if the onus is on the patient to chase up their doctor for information, which is certainly the wrong way around,” Mr White said.

Mr White will be in Brisbane on Friday, meeting with locals who have registered for the proposed class action.

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