Today Tonight: Workplace shooting victim now broke amputee, little hope of extra compensation

David Snow’s life changed the day armed robbers raided his workplace  and shrapnel from a gunshot hit his right leg. Now an amputee, David is struggling to find employment and has exhausted all avenues for further compensation. Tindall Gask Bentley partner Amber Sprague spoke to Channel 7’s “Today Tonight”...

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Working for the AFP has caused me psychological injury. Can I claim compensation through Comcare?

The personal, private battles faced by our Australian Federal Police officers have become public thanks to recent media reports, detailing suffering from psychological injury caused by their employment. Bullying and harassment, poor support services and PTSD caused by responding to traumatic events are just some of the issues...

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The Rise of PTSD in Australian Defence Force members

TGB partner Tim White writes about the increase of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and psychological injuries in the Australian Defence Force.    Why are there more claims?  With the amount of operational duties undertaken by Australian defence force members in the last decade or so, it is not surprising that we are...

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