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Renee Sapelli (formerly O’Callaghan) is an experienced lawyer, having honed her skills practicing across a variety of areas before deciding to work more specifically in Family Law. Renee has an outstanding ability to identify potential issues early in the legal process and provide comprehensive solutions with a minimum of fuss.

Renee is motivated by a desire to allow her clients to move on with their lives as quickly as possible, achieving a resolution which is reasonable and cost-effective. With a commercial background, Renee will often employ a common-sense approach in order to avoid costly litigation.

Renee maintains her friendly and compassionate personality whilst ensuring she is informative, clear and direct.

Renee always strives for her clients to walk away satisfied with their resolution, a better understanding of the legal process and greater peace of mind.

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Renee Sapelli (formerly O’Callaghan)



  • Bachelor of Laws – James Cook University
  • Western Australia Practicing Certificate
  • Admitted to Practice 2006


  • Divorce
  • Matrimonial and De Facto Relationships
  • Child Issues
  • Child Support


  • Member of the Family Law Practitioners Association, Western Australia
  • Member of the Law Society of WA

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