Rachel Parken

Senior Associate

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Rachel is committed to achieving positive outcomes for her clients and empathetically guiding them through their claims process. Most of Rachel’s client’s have been injured in circumstances outside of their control and have unexpectedly suffered significant changes to their usual, everyday lives. Rachel’s initial focus is on making sure her client’s concerns are heard and addressed, once they are at ease Rachel then explains the options available to progress their matter towards resolution.

The journey to achieving an reasonable outcome and compensation is often long and Rachel believes in the importance of her client’s understanding the process, the aim and the possible outcomes from the get go. She believes tailored approach is required in each area of law which Rachel practices. Throughout the claim Rachel ensures that her client’s feel comfortable to discuss any concerns or queries at any time.

Rachel has experience in achieving successful outcomes through informal processes and mediation. She is also experienced in achieving outcomes through disputation and litigation. Rachel is a strong advocate for her client’s and their interests throughout the process whether it be in an informal or litigious setting.

Rachel gets satisfaction by providing assistance and comfort to individuals in their time of need and obtaining compensation for her clients to help get them back on track and improve their situations.

Rachel Parken

Senior Associate


  • Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice – Flinders University
  • Admitted to Practice 2014


  • CTP Insurance – Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Workers Compensation & SAET Disputes
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Industrial Negligence
  • Common Law Claims
  • Total and Permanent Disability/Superannuation Claims


  • Member Law Society of South Australia
  • Member Australian Lawyers Alliance
  • Co-Chair CRASH! CTP Committee 2019

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