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Ashleigh Ridgway


Ashleigh Ridgway



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Ashleigh Ridgway is a lawyer with an exemplary work ethic and an even greater concern for her clients.

Ashleigh has experience across a number of areas of law including personal injury, workers compensation both at a State and Federal level, motor vehicle accidents, common law claims, military compensation and class actions.

Ashleigh prides herself on the clarity of the advice she provides, her professionalism and her ability to maintain communication and strong relationships with her clients.

Ashleigh values integrity and honesty and this is evident in the way she approaches each client with the same vigour and professionalism regardless of the value of the claim. Ashleigh is a notably assertive, understanding and empathetic person, driven by a desire to see her clients achieve the best possible results.

Ashleigh Ridgway


My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Adelaide
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Adelaide
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Law Society of South Australia

my areas of expertise

  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Commonwealth Workers Compensation
  • Military Compensation
  • Veterans’ Affairs

My professional interests

  • Member of the Law Society of South Australia

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