Institutional Sexual Abuse Claims

If you have been sexually abused by a member of the clergy, a volunteer or employee of a charity in the course of your employment or in an institutional setting such as being a child in state care, you may be entitled to compensation from the institution itself. In most cases, we will be able to tell you if your claim will succeed after you have discussed the circumstance of the abuse with us.  We offer free first interviews, which allows us to establish if you may have a claim.

Book your free initial interview online here and we’ll contact you, or call us on (08) 8212 1077 (SA), (08) 9211 5800 (WA),  (08) 8941 7814 (NT) or 1800 730 842 (Qld).

  • What circumstances are required for a claim?

    If you have been sexually abused by the employee or agent of an institution, you may have a claim against that institution.  

  • What will we do if you have a claim?

    If you have a claim then we will handle all negotiations with the responsible institution (or their insurance company).  We will get medical reports from doctors relating to your injuries.  Throughout your claim, we will liaise with you, the responsible institution and the doctors to gather enough information to directly assess your compensation.  If we are proceeding with your claim through a church or charities internal process for example Towards Healing, we will attend with you at the final facilitation meeting to support you and to negotiate financial redress.

  • What can you claim for?

    Before your claim is finalised we will take into account your pain and suffering, any wages that you may have lost, the medical expenses that you have incurred and may incur in the future and your loss of future earning capacity (if your ability to work is reduced). We will discuss these entitlements with you throughout your claim.

  • How long will your claim take?

    The length of your claim will vary depending on the specific circumstances. Often your claim will be dependent on a number of external factors, such as the relevant institution you are dealing with and their internal protocols. There is no accurate way to predict the length of a sexual abuse claim against an institution, however, by being organised in advance and recognising the relevant authorities we can make the process as efficient as possible.

  • When should you seek legal advice?

    It is always important to gain preliminary legal advice when seeking to make a claim for sexual abuse compensation against an institution. Specifically, if your claim is going to go to Court, it will need to be filed with the Court within three years of the sexual abuse occurring.  However, extensions of time can be granted by the Court in certain circumstances. We recommend that you take the opportunity for a free initial interview at TGB and seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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