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Tindall Gask Bentley has a team of experienced lawyers that are able to provide comprehensive assistance to employees in relation to their employment and workplace injuries. 

If you have an issue arising out of your employment, contact our workplace law team today.

Given the changing nature of the workplace there has been a rise in the contingent workforce, those working as contractors/freelancers or providing services on a non-permanent basis. Often contractors are used in order to avoid employment obligations including the need to comply with dismissal laws.

If you are a contractor it is important to ensure that you are receiving your correct entitlements and that your agreement is lawful.  The fact that you have entered into a “contractor” agreement does not necessarily mean that you are a contractor.  It will always be a question of the true nature of your relationship with the person or entity to whom you are providing your services.

Tindall Gask Bentley are able to provide specialist advice to contractors as to unlawful working agreements, improper working conditions and ‘sham contracting’. We recommend you seek legal advice before entering an agreement to work as a contractor.

We recommend that you seek advice on your individual circumstances.

Talk to an experienced workplace lawyer today.