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Contract Advice (Employees and Contractors)

Tindall Gask Bentley has a team of experienced lawyers that are able to provide comprehensive assistance to employees in relation to their employment and workplace injuries.

 If you have an issue arising out of your employment, contact our workplace law team today.

It is important that you are aware of your rights and obligations in relation to the specific terms and conditions of your employment contract.

When you are presented with any document, which you are required to sign and that outlines your details of employment, including wages and working hours, it is very important to seek legal advice before signing. Especially in circumstances where you may be unsure of your entitlements or obligations.

Legislation, awards or enterprise agreements may provide you with entitlements and obligations which should be recorded in your contract. It is better to clearly determine what your conditions of employment are when you start your employment than to become involved in a dispute over your conditions when your employment ends or you are experiencing difficulty in your workplace.

Your entitlements will depend upon your personal circumstances. Sometimes your entitlements can only be determined by reference to your contract, to legislation and to an award or enterprise agreement. A specialised employment lawyer will ensure you are not disadvantaged in your employment contract.

We recommend that you seek advice on your individual circumstances.

Talk to an experienced workplace lawyer today.