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Coronial Inquests & Royal Commissions

Coronial Inquests

Coronial Inquestss are heard either by the Coroner or Deputy Coroner in the Coroners Court by virtue of the provisions of the Coroners Act.  If you are summonsed to give evidence in the Coroners Court you are entitled to seek advice from a legal practitioner and to be represented by a legal practitioner when you give evidence, subject to leave being granted by the Court.  As findings by the Coroners Court may be detrimental to a person’s standing, reputation and employment it is wise to seek legal advice before appearing as a witness.

Tindall Gask Bentley has been involved in representing many clients in many Coronial Inquiries and we are well positioned to assist clients in this area of the law.

Should you be summonses to give evidence in a Coronial Inquiry you should consider seeking advice from the experienced lawyers who practise in this area at Tindall Gask Bentley.

Royal Commissions

Similarly, you may be summonsed to give evidence before a Royal Commission. Royal Commissions are set up from time to time by governments to investigate significant issues or events.

As with a Coronial Inquest, findings by a Royal Commission may have an impact on your standing, reputation and employment, and in the same way it is prudent to seek advice from a legal practitioner.

Experienced lawyers at Tindall Gask Bentley have had experience representing clients before a Royal Commission.  You ought consider getting advice from us if circumstances lead to you being summonsed to give evidence before the Royal Commission.

Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC)

ICAC is now in operation in the State of South Australia and the CCC has been established in Western Australia for many years.  Given our extensive experience in acting for members of police unions, Correctional Services employees and other Public Sector agencies, we are ideally suited to give advice to any person who may be subject to investigation carried out by the ICAC or CCC.  Similarly, we are also well suited to represent clients should they be required to give evidence before the ICAC or CCC.

Given the serious ramifications of being involved in such an investigation or being compelled to give evidence, you ought to consider seeking advice and representation from our experienced lawyers.

Australian Crime Commission

The Australian Crime Commission also has the power to compel witnesses to give evidence.  Its proceedings are secret and it is an offence to inform any person that you are summonsed to give evidence before the Australian Crime Commission, save and except a legal practitioner.  Given the potential grave ramifications of being summonsed to give evidence before the Australian Crime Commission it is most prudent to obtain legal advice and representation, and our experienced lawyers are able to provide that.

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