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Feast Festival: Picnic in the Park

For the fourth year running, TGB lawyers ran a legal information booth at Picnic in the Park, the finale to the annual Feast Festival held at Light Square in Adelaide during November.

While marriage equality is in the news it is not a reality yet, and the nine TGB staff who manned the stall at different intervals during the day fielded a lot of questions on gay marriage, the recognition of overseas gay marriage, separation, adoption and surrogacy. 

For many reasons it is also vital that gay and lesbian singles and couples have legal wills, and powers of attorney and guardianship and there were plenty of queries on those matters too. 

Feast is also an opportunity to catch up with old friends and to meet and network with members of other organisations and businesses actively involved with the LGBT community. 

While the switch from Pinky Flat to Light Square meant that the Feast space was cosier than usual in the thirty degree heat, the sense of joy and camaraderie amongst the thousands of community members and their relatives and friends who attended was as strong as ever. 

Author: Mal Byrne


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