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I’ve Been Injured in a Road Accident, What Should I Do?

Adelaide's largest personal injury law firm lists steps for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to take if injured in a road accident in South Australia.


Adelaide’s largest personal injury law firm lists steps for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to take if injured in a road accident in South Australia.

This is a short summary of the more crucial steps you should take in the immediate few weeks if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road accident.  This does not cover the various steps and processes taken during the course of a personal injury claim, which can take several months to resolve, depending on how severe your injuries are, following an accident.  Below are the steps that should be taken in the initial weeks following a collision.

At the Accident Scene

If you require urgent medical attention, attend to this as a priority.

1. Obtain the full name and address of the driver of the responsible vehicle, and if possible, obtain the registration number of the vehicle;

2. Obtain the names and contact details of any witnesses of the accident;

3. If police attend the scene, obtain the accident report number from the police officer.

Following the Collision

1. If necessary seek medical treatment, whether at a hospital or through your doctor;

2. If you require time away from work, obtain a medical certificate from your GP or the doctor at the hospital;

3. If you are required to pay any medical expenses make sure you keep the invoices for those costs, so that you can be reimbursed.

Recovery Period after Accident

1. If it is evident that your injuries continue to affect you for more than seven days, you at least have a claim for medical expenses incurred as a result of your injuries from the accident. Accordingly at this point you could contact either the insurer, Allianz, to notify them of a claim or contact a lawyer who is experienced with cyclist accident claims.  Allianz are located at 89 Pirie Street, Adelaide, Phone No. 1300 137 331;

2. If you contact Allianz they will send you forms to complete, which will contain considerable questions relating to the circumstance of the accident, the names and details of people involved in the accident, the summary of the injuries you have suffered, time lost from work and various other topics.  If you contact a lawyer it is not necessary to complete all of these forms;

3. Recent changes to the law now require you to notify Allianz of a claim within at least six months of the accident date. There are penalties if you do not comply with this;

4. In your discussions with Allianz, also advise them of any property damage (your bike, protective gear etc.).

Steps post notification to Allianz

1. Securing ongoing medical treatment is the usual priority, whether that’s your GP, physiotherapist, chiropractor or any treating specialist;

2. Ensuring that you are aware of the claim number from Allianz, so that  it can be provided to any treatment providers.  Their accounts can then be sent direct to Allianz;

3. If further time is lost from work ensuring that you obtain medical certificates from your doctor covering those periods;

4. If you have obtained legal advice, numerous steps are then initiated by your lawyer in terms of notifying Allianz, and requesting medical reports and other relevant information.  Various stages are then progressed through in relation to your claim, with ongoing advice being provided by the lawyer involved;

5. Usually during this time also some follow up of the insurer relevant to the property damage to your bike becomes necessary.

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