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Am I Entitled to Recover Legal Costs for my Car Crash Claim?

Barney Gask writes about whether your legal costs can be included in your claim after a car crash.

TGB’s Barney Gask writes about whether your legal costs can be included in your claim.

For those who have sustained injuries in car accidents either prior to 1 July 2013 or subsequently, the right to recover legal costs has not been taken away.

If you want to see a lawyer to help you with your claim, as long as your compensation exceeds $25,000, you can claim a proportion of your legal costs.

Your lawyer should be able to tell you at your first interview whether your compensation is likely to exceed that amount, and some lawyers will be prepared to see you the first time at no charge.

Your claim is made up of various parts and you may not be aware of what amounts can be included to get to $25,000.

Be aware, if your accident happened before 1 July 2013 the previous laws still apply to your claim. You are still within time to settle your claim or to bring a claim in the appropriate Court to protect your rights as you have three years from the time of the crash.

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What compensation are you entitled to?

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