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Media: PIP breast implants issue

Tindall Gask Bentley law firm in the media about potential legal action for women with PIP breast implants in Australia.<--break->

TGB has withdrawn from it’s investigations into this class action, as it has recently been revealed that the proposed defendant did not have adequate insurance. The firm is investigating the potential for other defendants. Read more here. If you are a woman hoping to pursue legal action relating to this matter, please call Olla Kutieleh on (08) 8212 1077.

11/12/13: Fairfax Media: Faulty breast implant maker jailed 

20/7/13: Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend: Ruptured lives

4/3/13: ABC 730 Report: Breast implants referred to ASIC

25/3/13: ABC News: Class action withdrawn

21/2/13: The Advertiser: Adelaide woman can’t get her PIP breast implants removed

19/1/12: WA women join implant claim

November 2012: That’s life magazine

23/10/12: News Limited network: Sole PIP implant distributor wound up

14/10/12: News Limited network: Burst breast implants have long-term effects, victims claim

20/6/12: Herald Sun: Toxic timebomb scare a furphy, say medics

19/6/12: ABC24 Midday: Interview with Tim White about the planned class action and a UK report (raw interview)

19/6/12: The Advertiser: Controversial breast implants “six times more likely to rupture”

19/6/12: ABC Radio PM

30/5/12: Ch 10 – The Project: A feature on the PIP issue in Australia

26/5/12: The Advertiser: The pain and the anger at dodgy implants

24/5/12: Canberra Times: PIP implants high on list of regrets

8/5/12: The West Australian: Bid to trace breast implant victims

3/5/12: The Australian: Victims of faulty breast implants tell of living in fear of further damage

3/4/12: 10 News and 7 News: Pregnant mum’s implant fears

3/4/12: Herald Sun: Pregnant mum’s health fears as breast implants leak

27/3/12: The West Australian: WA women set to sue for dud implants

20/3/12: Lawyers Weekly: Bon voyage for Adelaide firm

15/3/12: ABC News (audio): Lawyers for Australian women with PIP implants head to France to gather evidence 

15/3/12: The Advertiser: 540 women register for proposed class action

11/3/12: 60 Minutes on the PIP scandal

10/3/12: 7 News: Breast scans under medicare

2/3/12: Herald Sun: Implant woes multiply as more women join proposed class action

25/2/12: Gold Coast Bulletin: Coast women join proposed class action

20/2/12: Australian Doctor/ PIP breast implants proposed class action

12/2/12: The Age: How a boost to self-esteem became a time bomb

12/2/12: The Age/Sun Herald/Brisbane Times

6/2/12: 7 News

5/2/12: Weekend Today

4/2/12: 9 News

4/2/12: Herald Sun: Scared woman signs up to mooted law suit on breast operations

4/2/12: The West Australian: Women face bill to get new implants

27/1/12: The West Australian: Mum suffering as implants split

19/1/12: Women with PIP implants speak out: Sydney Morning Herald (this story also featured in the Age), the West Australian, the Advertiser.

11/1/12: 7 News

11/1/12: The Australian: Reports of doctors blaming Australian women’s behaviour for rupturing breast implants

11/1/12: The Advertiser: Australian women weigh up suit over French breast implants

5/1/12: Ten News

5/1/12: The Advertiser: Lawyers circling risky breast implants

4/1/12: ABC News (TV)

4/1/12: Euro News

If you are concerned about your breast implants, seek medical advice.

Australian women with PIP breast implants can contact Tim White on (08) 8212 1077 or

Please direct media requests to Communications Manager Andrew Montesi via email or phone (08) 8212 1077. 

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