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Nakkie LeRoux


Nakkie LeRoux



Personal Assistants

It is Nakkie’s passion to assist injured people of all walks of life in obtaining positive outcomes and compensation every day.

Nakkie is a personal injury and workers compensation lawyer with a extensive experience in personal injury litigation in Australia and South Africa.  Injuries of any kind can be very disruptive a person’s life and it requires compassion, skill and experience to assist injured people to achieving a positive outcome.  Nakkie appreciates how difficult it can be to recover from an injury and getting things back on track and finds great  meaning in helping injured people get the medical treatment and compensation they deserve.

Nakkie enjoys meeting new people. She listens with empathy, pays fine attention to detail and is a skilled negotiator.

Nakkie enjoys running, camping and fishing.  She has camped in remote areas of Africa where such experiences have taught her the value of endurance and understanding that with proper preparation and careful planning even the most daunting goal can be achieved. These are lessons she applies to her legal work, providing a sense of confidence and encouragement to her clients when litigations feel like they are never-ending.

In dealing with clients Nakkie takes an honest, practical approach. She strives to deliver the best possible outcomes for them, spending time at the start of each matter to build a personal connection, establish trust and  identify the client’s goals and how to achieve them.

Nakkie LeRoux



  • B Proc Rand – Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, South Africa (South African legal qualification)
  • Australian Legal Conversion – Murdoch University, Perth, WA


  • Personal injury
  • Worker Compensation
  • Motor vehicle accident claims
  • Public liability
  • Criminal injuries compensation claims
  • Institutional abuse claims


  • Member of the Law Society, SA and WA

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